Vintage Pictures – World Tour

The Challenge is to get these 1950’s photographic Kodachrome slides onto this website!

These slides were taken by my parents when they traveled around the world for their honeymoon. Later they spent a couple of years in Lima, Peru. My sister Angie was born in Lima, Peru.

My paternal grandfather founded a company in Memphis, Tennessee that produced edible oils and my father worked at the family holdings in Peru. Developing products that used sugar cane fibers.

The slides will be scanned high quality, high resolution TIFF files in order to make high quality posters, and then resized (smaller) so that they are too small to be of any use to anyone, but perfectly viewable on this blog/website for you to judge. Popular slides or pictures (you will -hopefully- leave comments) will be made available as posters of varying sizes based on how well the scanning goes. So check back often for updates and new pictures!


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Speedy Anole

Speedy Anole is one of my early attempts at snapping an “action” photo in low light. It took me a long time to get him to sit still long enough for me to snap a picture worthy of posting somewhere. Speedy was one of my first posts to my facebook page.

For more recent pictures from 2000 forward consisting of wildlife and scenic shots from the Desert Southwest; mostly from the mountains and valleys surrounding Tucson, Arizona USA and southern Arizona go to Speedy Anole’s blog.

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